Donut Shopping



Picking up models for some new paintings.

Etsy Sale!



We’ve been working hard in the studio on new projects, so it’s time to clear out some of the old stuff! Everything in the “odds and ends” section of our etsy store, DoubleStarRanch is 50% off! That’s right, 50% off! There’s prints, and original paintings by Luckystar Studio, Bridget, and Gene on sale!

Sale goes through Sunday.

Hot and Fresh!



New donut prints available at our etsy shop DoubleStarRanch!


So after a long week of being sick, I really needed a good laugh, and decided to check out, one of my favorites, Jim Gaffigan’s Comedy Central special “Obsessed”, which we’d dvr’d a few nights prior. As expected, it was a hoot. One joke in particular, though, really resonated with me – the gist of it is that there’s so many paintings of fruit bowls, because they can sit there during the duration of a painting untouched. And, for that very reason, you don’t see any donut art in museums, because the donuts would get eaten right up. So, hey, I do donut paintings, yes, they do exist. I may not have one in a museum, YET, but all I could hear was my Mom’s voice in my head saying “send him a picture”. The type of thing she was always encouraging me to do, but I always felt too silly to do. Well, this time I figured what could it hurt, sent it off, and was pleasantly surprised by this Instagram post. Yay! Mom would be proud.

Oh, and the trick to donut paintings is to get in a good photo session before you start. That way when the inevitable happens, you’re covered. Especially when there are little hands around.

I do have prints available at our etsy shop DoubleStarRanch.



I’ll be showing my new portrait series at Sadler Gallery for April Gallery Night on April 25th. 207 E Buffalo St, on the second floor. Come check it out!




Anne Therese Griffith 9-6-1936 to 2-15-2014. Words can not express how much I miss you already.

Double Portrait



Just a quick post of my little peanut, with a sneak peek of a portrait of her in the background that I’ll be exhibiting this spring at the Sadler Gallery. I’ll be debuting my new portrait series “Avec”. More details coming soon!


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